Friday, October 28, 2011

"The Dull Investor" shares insights with members of the Garrett Planning Network at the 11th Annual Retreat

Here is a "highlights reel" of Allan Roth's opening keynote presentation for the Garrett Planning Network, held October 29-30 in Denver, Colorado. A record-attendance audience cheered and clapped enthusiastically at several moments during his speech. Learn more about Allan and his very impressive background at

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


In a few weeks I’ll be speaking at the Financial Advisors Money Show. My topic: Marketing That Works for Financial Advisors Today. I have a number of success stories to share with the audience that will gather in Chicago on October 19, 2011, but I’m also looking for a few new success stories to add.

If you are doing something in the way of marketing, public relations, social media and online visibility, or have perfected a sure-fire method for generating quality introductions, I’d like to hear from you – and I’m offering a $360 prize to the top three contributors.

There are a couple ways you can submit your success stories to me:

1.     Visit my personal blog, There you can read about The Money Show for Financial Advisors, including my marketing presentation and Ric Edelman’s practice management presentation. Simply place a comment on that blog entry and I will get a note from the BlogSpot system letting me know to take a look. No one else will see your comment unless I “release it” and make it “live” on the blog – so if you want your name withheld or don’t want your success story to show up “live” on my Best Practices in the Financial Services Industry blog, just put that in your post and I will honor your request. Be sure to put your name, phone number, email address and website URL in your post so I can contact you with any questions and/or for additional conversation.

2.     Send your contact information and comments to me via my assistant Mary Ellen will make sure I see your contribution. I’ll be in touch if I need more information or want to dialog a bit.


In addition to potentially using your marketing idea in my speeches and/or future articles for, my team and I will be looking for the best three marketing ideas or success strategies submitted.

I’ll be sending the top three contributors a certificate good for a free Marketing Evaluation (a $360 value). A professional marketing consultant from Impact Communications will review your Web site and marketing materials. Then during a consulting call with you and/or your staff, your Impact Marketing Consultant will provide professional recommendations and insights on how to improve your overall look and feel, marketing message, target marketing campaigns, etc. 

Post your marketing idea now!

To read a Marketing Success Story:

Enter "Marketing Maven blog" or "Marie Swift" in the search box and all my recent articles will show up in a list. Suggestion: Read the one dated 10/5/11 on Becoming The Heritage Planning Professional in Your Community.