Thursday, May 31, 2012

See you in Chicago July 16th for a full-day marketing workshop?
Hi NAPFA Members and other financial advisors in and around the Midwest!

Good news: I’ll be leading a full-day marketing workshop in Chicago on Monday July 16th!

This fun, interactive workshop will provide you with the tools to implement an effective marketing strategy based on the media your ideal clients are relying on today for information.

We will spend a full 8 hours together talking about “all things marketing”.

At the end of the day, you'll leave with:

1.   An action plan for building your online presence
2.   A 13-month marketing calendar
3.   A clearer vision of how you can articulate your value to the right people, in the right ways, at the right time

In addition to the full day interactive workshop and professional advice you'll receive from me and your financial planning peer group, you will have the opportunity to film a short video message that you can use on your website, blog, Facebook page, social media sites, etc. Simply come dressed in business casual clothes and be prepared to answer this one question: What is the most important thing for a consumer to consider when looking for professional advice? Your video clip will be emailed to you within one week.

Special bonus: I’ll be bringing a member of the younger generation with me who will share his insights on using social media platforms to communicate and build stronger relationships.

Other perks:

1.   Continental breakfast and a boxed lunch will be provided
2.   All paid attendees will be entered to win a 32 GB I-Pad – the sooner you register, the more tickets you’ll get in the gold fish bowl

$45 for NAPFA members (a total bargain!)
$100 for non-members (a real deal!)

Join me on Monday July 16th and learn:
How to Leverage the Power of “Fee-Only” Planning in Social Media, Public Relations and with Centers of Influence 

See you at:
DePaul University, O’Hare Campus
Monday, July 16th, 8:30-4:30

Click this link to register now: Midwest Region

Contact Bill Keffer at or 630-842-5609

Watch 2 minute video now 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May is Heritage Planning Month - Options to Learn More 

On May 16th, two special webinars will be streamed live online. These free, 90-minute broadcasts will be led by Rod Zeeb, CEO and co-founder of The Heritage Institute, and co-creator of The Heritage Process.  

Webinar 1: May 16th, 10:30 AM Central time 
Transformational Philanthropy (for advisors)

The ‘Transformational Philanthropy’ perspective is revolutionizing how advisors and non-profits work with clients and donors on a multi-generational basis. Learn how building deeper, more significant relationships transforms donors into philanthropists, and what that means to advisors and non-profit organizations. Register here for the live webinar.  

Webinar 2: May 16th, 3:30 PM Central time 
What Matters (for all audiences)

This highly interactive workshop introduces heritage planning by asking a simple, yet vitally important question: What matters to you? It examines the proven keys to building a stronger, more unified family today and for generations to come. Register here for the live webinar.

 In-person Events

Together with Heritage partners from Navigator Legacy Partners, they organization will be leading workshops for professionals and the general public around the country including Colorado and throughout Southern California during the month of May. To see where events will be held, or logon for the live webinars on May 16th and learn what Heritage Planning offers to you and the clients/donors whom you serve, visit:
What Matters?
An Interview with Cameron Thornton and Rodney Zeeb

The authors of this new novel share their thoughts with Marie Swift in an exclusive audio interview.

MP3 File

Cameron Thornton and Rodney Zeeb
Americans routinely focus on the importance of financial planning, retirement planning and estate planning. Each is important for the well being of one’s financial life, and for providing for the loved ones left behind after death. But according to Cam Thornton and Rod Zeeb, the authors of a new novel called What Matters?, traditional planning only deals with the money we accumulate, not the meaning of our lives. 

“Most people are concerned throughout their life with money,” says Thornton. “How much do they have now, how much will they have in retirement, how much will be left to their heirs? Those are important questions. But we should be equally concerned with the legacy we leave that can have far more impact on our families than the money: our stories, experiences, life-lessons, values and traditions.” 

For Thornton and Zeeb, the distinction is that financial planning passes what one owns, while heritage planning passes who one is.

Their new novel, What Matters? (January 2012, $25.00, Heritage Institute Press, ISBN 1-933694-20-3), springs from the principles of The Heritage Process™ which aims to bridge the gap between the ‘products’ of traditional planning (like wills and trusts) and the hopes and dreams that parents and grandparents have for their family to be unified, productive and healthy for many generations. 

In What Matters? Readers meet Martin Forrestal in the last weeks of his life, soon after makes the decision to share his real legacy with his family. Martin wants to ensure that his children, grandchildren and the generations who follow will know who he was, what he believed in, what he fought for, and about the values that guided his life. What Matters will help readers to appreciate one of the most important ways that they can help to ensure that their own families can remain unified, productive and healthy for many generations to come.

During a long night of reflection, eighty-two year old Martin identifies the values that matter most to him. His list begins with the value of Love. By the time the sun is rising outside his hospital window, he has identified fourteen values, from Responsibility to Family Unity.

As family and friends come to say their goodbyes, Martin records his stories. The action of the novel flows back and forth across more than a century, from an icy mountain cave where he was trapped by an avalanche with his Scout Troop, to a tiny coral island in the Pacific that saw some of WW II’s bloodiest combat. From a pioneer cabin in old Montana on Christmas morning, to the sweeping plains of the Argentine pampas, Martin recounts how each of the values on his list were forged into his character. He is not financially wealthy. But he knows that by sharing What Matters with generations of his family, he is passing a far more important and enduring legacy than material wealth.
What Matters brims with original stories, heartfelt emotions, and the eloquence of simple truths. Many of the chapters can be enjoyed as stand-alone stories.

Listen to the audio interview for more insights from Thornton and Zeeb.