Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May is Heritage Planning Month - Options to Learn More 

On May 16th, two special webinars will be streamed live online. These free, 90-minute broadcasts will be led by Rod Zeeb, CEO and co-founder of The Heritage Institute, and co-creator of The Heritage Process.  

Webinar 1: May 16th, 10:30 AM Central time 
Transformational Philanthropy (for advisors)

The ‘Transformational Philanthropy’ perspective is revolutionizing how advisors and non-profits work with clients and donors on a multi-generational basis. Learn how building deeper, more significant relationships transforms donors into philanthropists, and what that means to advisors and non-profit organizations. Register here for the live webinar.  

Webinar 2: May 16th, 3:30 PM Central time 
What Matters (for all audiences)

This highly interactive workshop introduces heritage planning by asking a simple, yet vitally important question: What matters to you? It examines the proven keys to building a stronger, more unified family today and for generations to come. Register here for the live webinar.

 In-person Events

Together with Heritage partners from Navigator Legacy Partners, they organization will be leading workshops for professionals and the general public around the country including Colorado and throughout Southern California during the month of May. To see where events will be held, or logon for the live webinars on May 16th and learn what Heritage Planning offers to you and the clients/donors whom you serve, visit:

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