Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mutual Fund Roulette: Will Your Clients Outlive their Mutual Funds?

This was a really interesting discussion. 

Tim McCarthy is former president of Schwab (also ran an asset management firm in Japan and worked as an executive for Fidelity Advisor Services). 

Dan Kern is a longtime asset manager who logged time at Schwab and Montgomery Funds (now president and CIO of Advisor Partners). 

In this one-hour webinar, they announced announced new research that will help you determine when mutual funds are likely to merge or die out entirely (never a good thing they say). I served as moderator.

You can access the recording and the corresponding white paper (research findings) free via the BrightTALK thought leader channel:

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why Financial Advisors Need Digital Documentation

I've been learning more about mobile dictation - both the benefits and the risks.

This article published November 13, 2013, by "Why Advisors Need Digital Documentation" focuses mostly on the benefits ... but there are also risks.

If you missed the webinar I hosted earlier this week in partnership with Dr. David Lawrence, founder of The Efficient Practice, you might be interested in accessing the following:

Mobile Dictation Risks - Webinar recording

Mobile Dictation Risks - Slides as PDF

Mobile Dictation Risks - Research Paper written by Dr. Lawrence

Interesting analysis from "the efficiency doctor".

See also these posts with comments from industry thought leaders JoAnn Day of Trumpet, Inc. (a workflow expert) and also Ron Carson of Peak Advisor Alliance (a Barron's top advisor and advisor coach):

Day's comments in Journal of Financial Planning article - Your fairy godmother is here to grand you 3 productivity wishes:

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