Thursday, September 18, 2014

Branding Your Financial Advisory Firm - Advice from Diane MacPhee and Marie Swift

Did you miss the webcast today on branding your financial advisory firm? We had a very robust andspirited conversation! I was joined by advisor coach extraordinaire' Diane MacPhee and the ever-delightful Maggie Crowley, marketing manager for Advisor Websites. We had so many questions, we couldn't get to them all. So I offered to put up this blog post and open up the discussion board here.

Maggie Crowley will be posting a link to the webcast recording (check the comments section).

And if you have more questions to ask Diane, Maggie or me, post them here and we will respond.

Thanks again for a great session everyone!
Marie Swift, Diane MacPhee and Maggie Crowley

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  1. Hi Marie, a huge THANK YOU to you and Diane MacPhee for leading one of our best Financial Round Tables yet!

    We covered a lot of ground (branding, web marketing, social media, & more) and if you missed the live round table, you're in luck! Access the full discussion here:

    *Note: we had a 1-2 min. of technical issues around the 25 min mark - feel free to skip past it in the recording:)

    Maggie Crowley
    Advisor Websites