Sunday, July 15, 2012

Consider a Legacy Profile written by award-winning journalist and celebrity profile writer Jane Wollman Rusoff!

As a financial advisor, you are always looking for ways to add value and bond with your clients. Here is one of the most creative and insightful ways I've found to help you do just that.

Listen to this 17 minute interview as I speak with Jane Wollman Rusoff and get her thoughts on building trust and affinity with clients. Jane has developed a special offering just for financial advisors so that you, too, can provide a wonderful gift to your most important clients.

A Legacy Profile starts with a personal conversation, over the telephone or in person. Jane has an immense talent for drawing people out. The telephone or in-person conversations with Jane are recorded, transcribed and edited by Jane. The oral history becomes much more than a transcript, though, as Jane -- who is a veteran journalist -- exercises her judgment to create a Legacy Profile that serves as a short autobiography and legacy document for your client.

The client's Legacy Profile is likely to be one of the most cherished documents you can ever provide for them. Your clients will be pleased with your thoughtfulness. You'll get new insights into their values, attitudes and goals. The Legacy Profile will help you understand, in a life planning type of way, what your clients want out of life. And the process could even open the door to your meeting with the next generation in your client's life.

I know from personal experience how powerful and wonderful these Legacy Profiles written by Jane Wollman Rusoff are. My family and I hired Jane to write a book length autobiography that captured my father-in-law's most important life stories. This digital history of his life will outlive him and honor his memory once he is gone. It will help generations to come understand their family legacy.

While you may not wish to provide a book length document to your clients, every advisor can afford and should consider providing a Legacy Profile to their best clients.

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